Daley Tower Service was established in 1965 and incorporated in 1976, with a mission to serve the telecommunications and oilfield industries by providing those services necessary for the construction and maintenance of transmission, exploration, and production sites. Daley Tower Service can provide any or all of the services necessary for the development of telecommunication sites. We will customize a scope of work based on the individual needs and capabilities of our clients. We have projects ranging from the basic tower repairs to complete build-to-suit projects. In 2005, Daley Tower Service, Inc. acquired a successful local tower manufacturing company. By combining tower design and fabrication capabilities with turnkey, installation and maintenance services, the two companies have come together as a fully integrated one stop shop.

Having been in business for over 36 years, Daley Tower Service, Inc. has developed a vast network of quality subcontractors that assist in completing some of its projects. Subcontractors are used for electrical work, drilling pier foundations for self-supporting towers and monopoles, fence work, and crane services where applicable. Daley Tower Service employees perform all other services on our projects, including but not limited to site clearing with company owned heavy equipment, civil foundation and grounding work, anchor and tower base for guyed towers, tower stacking, and antenna and line installations. Subcontractors are evaluated on safety records, quality of work, price, and efficiency.

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